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Hakone Mountain Ripper  富士箱根伊豆国立公園マウンテンバイク&アウトドアクルージングツアー


Hakone Mountain Ripper Deep Green Cruising


Immerse yourself in the warmth of Hakone’s forest and
take in Hakone’s abundant natural beauty.
Spend an inspiring day in Hakone on a mountain bike tour for 8500 yen a delicious outdoor lunch and a luxurious hot spring bath are included!
All you need to do is pedal--leave the rest to Hakone!
Hakone National Park has so much to offer.
What are you plans for this trip to Hakone?
You will discover a new and exciting Hakone on this mountain bike trip.
It will be an experience that will reach your innermost self,
and exceed your expectations.
Our tours take place in Sengokuhara—one of Hakone’s most preserved wilderness areas. Our cycling tours are not only good for your body. We strive for minimal environmental impact and a high level of safety. The wonders of Hakone National Park include beautiful cherry blossom tress, clear water springs, a beautiful lake and breathtaking autumn foliage. Why not immerse yourself in Hakone’s wilderness and leave the rest to Hakone’s natural beauty?


◆Deep Green Tour
This is our basic and most popular course. Experience the wonders of inspiring Hakone. We will visit secret spots that you won’t find in the guidebooks. It’s a perfect choice for those of you looking for a day full of adventure!
Travel distance: 8 miles (15 kilometers)
Time: 4.five hours
Price: 8500 yen (12 and under 6000 yen)
We meet at Lake Arena Hakone.


◆Power Spot Tour
On this tour, which is popular among women, we will visit two power spots--the latest trend. The course has fewer up and down hills and trail surfaces are good and easy for the beginning cyclist to navigate. We’ll bike beside the waters of Lake Ashi and enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays.
Travel distance: 11 miles (18 kilometers)
Time: 5 hours
Price: 9000 yen (12 and under 6000 yen)
We meet at Lake Arena Hakone.


◆Izu National Park Tour (December to March)
During the cold winter months we leave Hakone and escape to Izu National Park where rural landscape and warmer temperatures await. The sights you see from your bicycle seat differ from those of Hakone, as you take in the abundant treasures of Izu.
Travel distance: 9 miles (15 kilometers)
Elevation gain/loss: 180 meters
Time: 4.five hours
Price: 9500 yen (12 and under 6000yen)
We meet and end the tour at JR Atami Station.
Please let us know if you will be arriving by car.


◆Lake Ashi Tour
This is our intermediate level trail for mountain bikers who are ready for a challenge. The views around Lake Ashi are spectacular and thrilling singletrack trails await. You will discover the depth of Hakone’s striking beauty.
Travel Distance: 12 miles (20 kilometers)
Time: 5.five hours
Price: 9000 yen (12 and under 6000yen)
We meet at Lake Arena Hakone.


Tour Package Includes
Mountain bicycle rental, lunch cooked outdoors, teatime, mineral water, hot spring bath, a special souvenir, accident insurance, free shuttle service (to and from Odawara Station, Hakone Yumoto Station or hotels in Hakone).
There is a five person maximum per day.
Free private tours are available.
Participants must be at least 4’ 7” tall (140 centimeters).
Example: Deep Green Trail
10:30~11:00 a.m. Meet at Lake Arena Hakone Parking lot
11:00~a.m. Orientation
Our unique cycling adventure begins!
We’ll take a break to enjoy a special and relaxing teatime.
Time to continue biking and enjoying the wonders of Hakone.
13:00~13:30 p.m. Lunch Time!
Participants will be able to experience outdoor cookery.
The spectacular view will make the meal an unforgettable one.
With renewed energy, we continue pedaling!
2:00~2:30 p.m. We reach the end of our journey (time varies depending on course).
Time to soak in a warm, soothing hot spring bath.
3:00 p.m. The end of your tour!
We hope you are rejuvenated after a day in beautiful Hakone.

◆Hiking in Hakone
On this tour take a leisurely hike in beautiful Hakone. Your guide uses these trails to walk, jog and train on a regular basis. We will walk in a park with soft grass under our feet, and enjoy scenic mountains in the distance. The surrounding trees are comforting and the atmosphere soothing. . This is the perfect tour for those who prefer walking rather than cycling. We won’t use mountains bikes but will walk throughout the tour.
Distance: 5 miles (8 kilometers)
Tour duration: 2 .five hours
Price: 3500 yen (12 years old and under 2000 yen)
Group size: Tour limited to a maximum of 10 participants
Meeting Point: Lake Arena Hakone Parking Lot
(Free shuttle service to/from Sengokuhara and Kojiri area only)
※Price includes guide fee, mineral water, a hot spring bath, and accident insurance


◆Night Tour Under the Moon and the Stars
In the far distance, neon lights shimmer. Above, the moon and stars shine and enthrall. On this evening tour, you will relax, lay back, and admire Hakone’s magical starry sky. You may even be able to experience a sensation similar to floating. Your guide will take you to the stars and will leave you for some private time under the evening sky. This tour is perfect for couples. Warm clothes are needed even in the summer months.
Evening sky gazing time: 40 minutes
Tour duration: 1 hour
Price: 2500 yen (12 years old and under 1000 yen)
Group size: Tour limited to a maximum of 6 participants
Meeting Point: Lake Arena Hakone Parking Lot
(Free shuttle service to/from Sengokuhara and Kojiri area only)
※Price includes guide fee, drink with snack and accident insurance
We meet at Lake Arena Hakone.

Reservations/Contact Information
Phone: 0460-84-9222
Email: info@mountainripper.com
Online Reservation Form www.mountainripper.com
Reservation deadline: 5:00 p.m. the prior day

■Cancellation Fee
Please note our cancellation fees if you cancel:
Seven to two days before the tour 30% of the tour price
Day before the tour 50% of the tour price
The day of the tour 100% of the tour price
Because we will be working with nature, please understand that there may be risks that are beyond the control of your experienced guide. We will ask you to sign an agreement form on the day of the tour.
■Accident Insurance Coverage
In case of death 3 million yen
Hospitalization 3000 yen per day
Out-Patient Care 1500 yen per day

By using local products as souvenirs and local hot springs bath facilities, Hakone Mountain Ripper strives to give back to the Hakone community.

Hakone Mountain Ripper
1245-657 Sengokuhara
Hakone Town
Ashigara Shimogun
Kanagawa Prefecture 253-0631
TEL/FAX 0460-84-9222
Norihito Suzuki

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